Eknoor Kaur Toor is a currently a grade 12 student at École Panorama Ridge Secondary with an ambition to pursue a career in medicine. She has been volunteering with Kids Play since 2018 and is now a senior volunteer and youth event coordinator at Kids Play. Through her time with Kids Play, Eknoor has learned to hone her leadership skills and gotten several opportunities to get involved in the community!

One of the opportunities has been to co-coordinate the Environmental Portfolio of Kids Play. In the portfolio, she organized tree planting events and worked with several external organizations. Her fondest memory in this journey has been seeing youth and adults alike come together at our first tree planting event and work towards a common goal. Over time, Eknoor fostered a passion for environmentalism driving her to further delve into research on how we can better engage the community in consciously help the environment.

Eknoor strongly believes that every tree planted, every game played, and every program ran becomes a moment treasured by someone in the community. No matter the hiccups along the way, everything Kids Play does serves the bigger picture and Eknoor is grateful to be a part of the action!