Gavan Grewal joined KidsPlay Foundation 2017 after a basketball event took place at his highschool. After learning about their goals and how they operate, Gavan decided to become a member of the Kidsplay Team and soon took on the role of becoming a senior volunteer with the Organization. Gavan started his journey with Kidsplay by becoming a mentor in one of the mentorship programs at one of the elementary schools in Surrey. It was during this program where he learned the importance of providing guidance and mentorship to younger kids in order for them to be successful in the future.

Throughout his time with Kidsplay, Gavan has assisted in multiple sports events, educational forms, and clothing/food drives. In the future, Gavan wishes to pursue a career in which he can help people on a daily basis and implement Kidsplay’s goals and ideologies. Hence why Gavan is working towards a career in Law Enforcement as a police officer. Currently, he is in his third year at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in the Bachelor’s of Law Enforcement Studies (BLES) program. Additionally, he has completed two police academies with the RCMP and New Westminster Police and continues to work towards completing his degree while serving his community and leading our youth in the right direction.