Harman has now been a Peace officer since 2014. Harman first gained work experience, working as a Loss Prevention officer. This is where Harman firsthand witnessed organized retail crime and how it was connected to gangs. Harman saw vulnerable youth being targeted, exploited, and used for profits. Retail crime was a gateway entry for many youths into the gangs.

Harman first began his Peace officer career as a Correctional Peace officer in the Provincial system and was shocked to see the same youth he had dealt with in the retail industry. They had now been deeply involved into the gangs and convicted of serious criminal/violent offences.

Harman has been volunteering with various organizations since 2010 including Law Enforcement Torch Run since 2014.

Harman began to volunteer with Kids Play in 2021. Kids Play has provided Harman the opportunity of giving back to the community, diverting Youth away from gangs, violence, and drugs. The idea of giving back to the communities he currently serves in was a no brainer.

After having realized where he would have been if it wasn’t for his High School Resource Police officer, Principal, and several other positive influences. Harman soon recognized his passion of giving back to his community and providing the same guidance/support he was blessed with.

Having worked in the prison system, understanding how difficult it is to get out of the cycle of gangs. Speaking with high-profile gang members inside the prison and how much they regret their decisions. Harman’s vision is to minimize the lives lost to gang violence, to create future positive leaders and role models for many generations to come.