Harpal Sandhu has been with the aviation industry in 1995.

He founded Coach Harp Organization in 2009 and the South Asian Sports Development Association in 2017. In 2018 Harp joined CAP Corporation as the Director of Football Development for them.

Harpal has 35 years of community service which he has put community first. Giving back was instilled in him at a very early stage while he was playing football in late 80’s – 90’s.

Harpal’s mentors where his football coaches. He is where is he cause of their positive and inspiring teaching of life. He understands the full meaning of brotherhood.

In his Coach Harp Organization, we help young athletes and risk youth overcome mental hurdles that holds them back from reaching their full potential. He helps these youth become better of leaders tomorrow by showing them the world that they need to explore and grow in aspects of their life.

He also help retired professional and amateur athletes to gain their name back and start making a brand for themselves. He gives them a platform for their voice to heard.

In his South Asian Sport Development Association (SASDA) which is nonprofit agency. He works to introduce sports to South Asian families and explain to them the importance of youth sports. He coaches young people from the grades 4 – 12 and teaches them life and  leadership skills as well as sense of community.

“There are good people and bad people out there – that’s just life. The best thing you can do is just keep living with a big heart and remember the incredible value of a smile.” – Coach Harp