Mandeep holds a Sociology degree as well as a Business and Paralegal Diploma. She aspires to become a lawyer and hopefully give back to her community in various ways.

Mandeep has been volunteering with KidsPlay since June of 2022. Approached by her former wrestling coach (Paban), she couldn’t say no. Although she had zero intention to volunteer she decided to give it a shot and started with one of her passions, wrestling. Her excitement slowly grew to help the non-profit organization and its motive “keeping kids off the streets and striving through sports.”

Mandeep is a former athlete, but focused mainly on wrestling and rugby throughout her life. Being a mother of two young boys Mandeep knows, understands, and believes it takes a village to raise a child (children). This is why she manifests as much of her energy with KidsPlay. Taking baby steps into the right direction with the organization and amazing volunteers.

“Being busy with the boys it gets difficult to leave the house some days. Then, I look over at my boys. They remind me, motivate me, and give me a reason to stay committed. There are other kids out there needing my help today. It’s kind of a push / momentum to get me going for KidsPlay. Today it’s someone else’s child, tomorrow it will be mine.”