Manney is a senior volunteer with Kids Play, he joined our team in 2019. He joined because he wanted to help kids stay on the right path of life instead of being caught up with drugs and gangs. Manney is attending the University of the Fraser Valley to complete his Criminal Justice Diploma. He joined Kids Play because he saw the amount of violence that was continuing in his own community in Abbotsford.

He saw too many young kids getting into the gang lifestyle because they did not have proper guidance. Manney’s first event with Kids Play was “Labelled: Caught in the Crossfire” in Abbotsford. He saw the impact this event had on the community and he realized how Kids Play was helping initiate change. It was from there on that Manney became heavily involved. He has helped with numerous events throughout his time with Kids Play. Manney believes change starts from somewhere and Kids Play is that change.