Manraj joined KidsPlay in 2019, similar to why most of our team did; to enforce change in our communities. He began volunteering because he wants to help create a better future for the coming generations and give people opportunities when they don’t see any. Manraj graduated from the Justice Institute of British Columbia with a Diploma in Law Enforcement Studies. Manraj is currently a Correctional Officer with BC Corrections. He aims to join a police department very soon.

Manraj was born in Abbotsford and moved to Langley right before the gang violence began to escalate. As he grew older, he realized that every kid that chooses the wrong path does so for a reason. For every negative, it could have been a positive. Manraj has held an integral role in running the mentorship programs in Abbotsford and Langley. He also helped organize KidsPlay’s first ever Summer Camp during Covid. Through these programs, Manraj believes we can help the kids out there who truly need help, even if it is one kid at a time.