Mantej Jassal is currently enrolled at the Justice Institute of British Columbia where he obtained a diploma in Law Enforcement Studies and transitioned to the bachelor’s program. Mantej has been a volunteer with KidsPlay Foundation since 2018, where his first events were the BC place soccer tournament. The primary reason Mantej joined this foundation was due to his hobbies in partaking in various sports along with working with youths prior to Kidsplay. He genuinely believes mentoring the youth will help guide them to refrain making the wrong choices in life.

From his prior experience working with youth at his local community centre since 2015, Mantej noticed an escalation of kids nowadays wanting to fit into certain friend groups. Hence, they will go through certain extents to fulfill what their friends will demand regardless of the consequences. Therefore, he wants the kids to avoid those  consequences in life and is willing to educate and guide them to the right path. Moreover, during his 3 years as a KidsPlay volunteer, one of Mantej’s memorable moments was the 2020 summer day camp. Currently, Mantej is employed by the Vancouver Police Department as a Special Municipal Constable and aspires to become a Police Constable down the road. Also, he has completed the Vancouver Police Student Challenge back in 2017.