An organic chemist and an engineer. Rob grew up in a small town in Northern Alberta. He was once a high level engineer for an oil and gas company and lost his job to his cocaine addiction. He is in the top percentile for ADHD and dyslexia, and was undiagnosed until his early twenties. These unrecognized mental health issues led him to making choices that he wished he had never made. He has overcome his addiction and is on the path of helping others prevent the same mistakes he made at a young age.

His story has touched many young lives facing mental health issues and struggling in their homes and school settings. He provides hope and welcomes others going through similar challenges. His goal is to help individuals overcome their obstacles avoiding falling victim to drug abuse. Rob grew up in a well educated family where the expectation of succeeding was placed on him early on. Lack of education on mental health issues made it extremely difficult for him to communicate his challenges to his family.

His illness was rejected by his family and his teachers. It was not until he came across an educator who shed light on the difficulties Rob had in a classroom in correlation to his mental wellbeing. His story is very inspiring and has a lot of takeaways for educators and youth workers.