Talvir Sahota is a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Growing up in this city has made him into who he is today. An older brother, a son, and a resident of this city, Talvir recognizes his responsibility to give back to his community that has given him so much. His endless love for his community has led him to becoming an RCMP officer at a young age of 21. While attending high school, he came across a presentation where Kal was a speaker. That was the moment of proliferation for him.

He had seen too much in his surroundings, the ongoing gangs, violence, and substance abuse. He came to a realization that it was now time to take action. He approached Kal and started volunteering on a regular basis. Talvir took on the role of a lead volunteer during the inception of KidsPlay Foundation. His dedication and commitment has helped us serve over 75 000 youth in the Lower Mainland. Talvir has become a role model for youth on the account of his commitment to his community and fitness. Getting into a law enforcement career is not an easy task. It takes a lot of an individual and for Talvir to be able to accomplish this at such a young age, it is commendable.